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UNDOCUMENT is an episodic feature, following 4 stories of longing & love, immigration & identity. The vision of an Iranian and a European director, dealing with the complex theme of illegal immigration or ‘undocumented migrants.’ Each story is set at a different stage of the migrants’ journey, in three different countries: Iran, Greece and England.




Winner - Best Feature, Best Screen Play & Best Director - The Bucharest Film Awards, 2017

Winner - Best Humanitarian Film - London TMC Film Festival, 2017

Nomination - Best Debut Director & Best New Comer (Ako Ali) - British Independent Film Awards, 2016

Nomination - Best Actress (Maryam Davari) - The Bucharest Film Awards, 2017

Nomination - Best Feature - Crystal Palace International Film Festival, 2017

Nomination - Best International Feature - The Hollywood Verge Film Awards, 2017

Nomination - Best Feature - Berlin Motion Film Festival

Nomination - Best International Film - Phoenix Film Festival, 2017

Nomination - Best Feature - The Iranian Film Festival, Zurich, 2017

Semi-Finalist - Iranian Film Festival, San Fransisco, 2017


Official Selection: (2017-2018)

East End Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, Dallas Video Festival, Hell's Half Mile Festival, Awareness Film Festival LA, Woods Hole Film Festival, Athens International Film & Video Festival, We The People's Film Festival, Picture House London.

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